Maremma Toscana D.O.C.

Tasting Notes: Its color is bright ruby red. On the nose, it is clean and precise, with hints of Morello cherries, wild berries and a moderate spiciness. On the palate it reveals a full-bodied, assertive flavor, which expresses both great intensity and elegance.

Food Pairings: Sassoregale is in its glory as a companion to great cuts of meat, barbecue, rustic Tuscan-style dishes, and slow-cooked roasts.

Grapes: Sangiovese

Origin: Tuscan Maremma

Alcohol Level: 13.5% vol.

Recommended Glass: A large glass, narrowing at the rim

Serving Temperature: 61 - 64° F

Aging Potential: 4-5 years

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Our Sassoregale Vermentino is sun, wind and sea, captured in a bottle. Our Vermentino vines are nurtured by the rugged natural environment of the coastal Maremma region of southern Tuscany.

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