At Feudo Zirtari, every element is carefully chosen to complement and balance the whole, creating complexity, subtlety, and delightful surprises. The more distinctive and excellent the components are, the greater the challenge of combining them becomes, but also the higher potential for an amazing final product.

Drawing on the finest in both native and international varietals grown in the sunniest, most favorable climate and soils in Italy’s southernmost region, we nurture and select our grapes with meticulous care. Using traditional winemaking enhanced with cutting-edge technology, we craft and reinterpret an exciting range of wines. These form the palette from which we create our masterpieces: our Zitari Bianco and Zitari Rosso blends, each as distinctive and exceptional as they are enjoyable. We invite you to discover these delightful hues of Sicilian sunshine, and to savor their easygoing complexity with your favorite dishes.