Nestled along the Italian Alps is Alto Adige, a region of stunning beauty and rich winemaking tradition. The wonderful variety of soil types, elevations, and day and evening temperatures make it unique and ideal for producing wines that are true treasures.

For the Kettmeir winery, these beautiful hills are more than our home. They are the essence of our wines and our way of life. The families of craftsmen and consultants who have lived and worked here for centuries are more than our neighbors. They are the heart and heritage of our winery, and our plan for the future. We are proud to bring together the finest winemaking traditions of this region with the best innovations of today.

We’ve cultivated working relationships over several generations as carefully as we’ve tended our vines and the local lands. The results are the Kettmeir wine portfolio, hidden gems of surprising taste and freshness that we are proud to bring from our home to the tables of wine lovers like you.